AmiBroker Import Instructions

At this stage it is presumed that your data files have been downloaded from our website and stored in the folder of your choice.
Open AmiBroker and click on File | Import Wizard.
Click Pick Files and navigate to your folder that contains the data files you downloaded from the our site.
Select the data files and click on next.

The image below will appear. The default setting for file types will be shown to accept cooltrader data, so just select the files you wish to import either singularly by clicking on the appropriate file, or in bulk by highlighting the first file to import and whilst holding down the shift key, click on the last file. This will highlight all files to be imported. Then click on open, then next till the define fields window appears. Ensure that all details are correct for the 7 column fields as shown in the image. Click next and finish and all data will be loaded to your charting program.

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