FCharts Import Instructions

At this stage it is presumed that your data files have been downloaded from our website and stored in the folder of your choice. (The path in this example is C:/My Documents/FCharts/fcxxxxxx.txt). Once FCharts is opened the import data button can be located near the top left of the screen (see image below). The Import/Export is the preferred method for importing cooltrader data and enables easy importation for single and bulk files.

Once selected the import window will appear. Select either Single File or Multiple Files Scroll to your folder that contains the already downloaded data files you obtained from cooltrader.net. The default setting for file types will be shown to accept cooltrader data, so just select the files you wish to import either singularly by clicking on the appropriate file/s. Then click on OK. You can also just drag the files and drop where indicated. The files will then load to FCharts, the single files will be fairly quick but a month of data may take several minutes, depending on the speed of your machine. DO NOT use the data downloaders located under the settings button. They will not collect data from Cooltrader.

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