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Once you are logged in you will see the following if you are a paid up subscriber
(If you are a free member the list below is restricted to Metastock and CSV files)

From this list, click on the EOD link that corresponds to the data type you require.

You are now shown a list of data file names. The name of the file indicates the following
(for this example I will use the file ms20090101.txt)

ms - indicates the data type
20090101 - indicates the date of the file yyyymmdd
.txt - indicates the type of file

So ms20090101.txt is a text file containing data for the the 1st of January, 2009 in the Metastock format. The list below is what you will see when you chose Metastock EOD as above.

Depending on your browser settings, you can left click on the data file links and you should be asked for a location to save the file. Where you do this is up to you. If you see a long list of code like below

click back in you browser (you will return to the list) and Right click on the data link. If you right click you are given several options, choose Save Target As... or Save Link As... ( different browsers have different wording here) and save the file to where you wish.

You should now have a data file on your computer. You can check the links in the menu at the top right of this page for importing instructions to your software.

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