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At this stage it is presumed that your data files have been downloaded from our website and stored in the folder of your choice, e.g. C:/MyDocuments/Metastock/msxxxxxx.txt). Open Metastock and either locate The Downloader under the Tools button or by pressing Control+D. Once open, press the convert button located in the centre of the tools menu.



This will open the convert securities window. Browse to the location of the text file you downloaded from to locate the 'source' file to convert. Then select the location for your Metastock database, in the destination box. This is where your data will be saved when converted.

Next select options from the convert securities window. This is important and you should not miss this step.
See below

Check the Fields to Output Table. (See below)
If these boxes are not the ONLY ones checked,
Click OK.
When on the main Convert Securities window
choose detination file type as Excel. Go to
Options/Destination and the fields will be visible and may be altered to the required type - See Below

Click Apply and OK
Don't foget to Change the Destination/ File Type back to Metastock and make sure the Destination Folder is still correct.

Click 'Destination' and ensure that "traverse destination folders' is checked if your data is contained in more than one folder. Your settings should be the same as the image or your data may not import properly.
Clicking apply will save these options and save you from this extra step each time you convert the data.
Click OK.
Click OK again for the 'Convert Securities' window.

The 'Status' window will then be displayed. Check for errors when completed in the conversion report. Do not press the cancel button at any time during this process. Errors will be dispalyed at the bottom the conversion report

When this process is finished, a Conversion Report window will appear. Quickly check if all stocks are marked OK. You must not have any errors or warnings , otherwise the conversion will not have worked successfully.

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