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How do I register?
First, you should select what data subscription is right for you.
Go to the Products page and select either a data type/product or a free trial or free data. The free trial will give you unlimited access to all data for 1 (One) month. A free data membership will allow access to limited data types and only at 10.00AM the following day for a one year period.

Once the registration form is submitted, a verification email will be sent to the address you supplied during signup. A wrong or incorrect email address will mean you cannot complete the signup process. A username and password will also be emailed to you.

Do Not Select More Than One Product During Registration.
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How do I upgrade from Free Data to Full Data Service?
If you have a current Free Data subscription, that is current, and wish to change to either a 7.30 PM or 10.30 PM plan, you should notify us by email using the form on the Contact Us page. Our system will not automatically remove the current Free Data access and will only put your new subscription as a future plan.
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I just registered for Free Data and cannot log in?
You will notice that there are two (2) types of free data.

1. Free Trial - this will give you access to our full service and all data types for a period of one month.
2. Free Data - This will give you access to a limited type of data at 10.00 AM the following day but there is not ime period.

DO NOT select both types, and do not register for both types at the same time. The system will accept the registration but does not know where to redirect you after login.

It is probably better to choose the Free Trial and then if you find you only need data the next day, login then go to the products page. Subscribe to Free Data and it will automatically swap your access at the end of the Free Trial period.
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Future Subscriptions
Our membership system will allow free members to subscribe for more than one year. We DO NOT. All free members must only register for data for a period of one year and renew that registration annually. Any future registrations will be removed by the membership administrators. Renewal advice is sent by email just prior to the membership expiring.
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Data Information

How Do I download and import data?
Instructions for downloading data and importing to various software programs can be found here. Any other software will require a request for assistance to our support section from the Contact Us page.
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Historical Data CD - What data is available?
The Historical Data CD-Rom contains more than 10 years of history of all equities, company traded options and warrants traded on the ASX, formatted for StockEasy, Metastock, Amibroker, Insight Trader and Beesoft or in standard CSV. The data files are updated as at the end of the previous month so the most data you will need to download will be for the number of trading days for this month. Delisted items are removed from the database.

The CD's are sent via Australia Post. To order click here.
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Why is the data sometimes delayed?
There can be many reasons for this, but the main reason is usually a problem with the ASX system delivering the final prices to us on time. Conducting millions of transactions every day can cause errors and meltdowns from time to time and delays do occur occassionally. A message will usually be displayed to indicate a delay but unfortunately we are not given estimates of time for correction of the problems so we cannot pass on this information. The next main reason would be power or internet outages. In this event we attempt to utilise one of several remote systems that we have which is usually successful, but not always. If we are unable to overcome a power or internet problem there will, of course, be no message to inform you of the problem. Emails that are sent to us will not be received until the problem is resolved and at that time the data will be loaded anyway. Any other issue that arises will be announced in the 'Data Times' section.
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World Indices What are these?
Our World Indices data files contains data from the major World Markets including US (NASDAQ, S&P 500, DOW JONES), Japan (NIKKEI), Hong Kong (HSEI), France (CAC40), Germany (DAX), UK (FTSE) and the ASX The World Indices files are not included with the daily ASX data file but are available as a separate download.
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What if I want to upgrade or cancel my subscription?
If you currently subscribe to either of our email or download services you can upgrade at any time - we will maintain your subscription expiry date and simply charge you for remaining period to that expiry date. If you wish to cancel your subscription we will levy an administration fee (refer to our Terms and Conditions) and refund you the remainder of your unused subscription.
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Privacy What do you do with my details?
Your details as supplied to us remain the property of Cooltrader P/L and we DO NOT provide these details to any third party at any time.
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I am having trouble with the payment system to renew my membership.
Some members have problems the payment pages and it seems that most of the issues are due to the security settings in your browser. We recommend trying both payment processors, Paypal and the Bendigo Bank, and if you are still unsuccessful email us via the contact page and we will call you back. A phone number will be handy in this instance as we can complete the process over the phone. You can also deposit funds direct to our bank -
Bendigo Bank
Cooltrader Pty Ltd
BSB. 633 000
A/c No. 120180559
Please email if you make a direct deposit as the membership software needs to be updated manually.
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How secure is the payment system?
All online payments are made away from our site. Which ever processor is chosen, Paypal or the Bendigo Bank, the entire card transaction is carried out on their secure site. We believe that both our card processors have excellent track records for security and reliability. Having the transaction on the processors site also ensures that NO card details can ever be left at our site or on our servers.
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What software is supported?
Most stock market charting software programs are supported.

PC Software:
Insight Trader
Market Analyst

Most of the above programs will read a Metastock database. Ask us how to configure one if you are unsure.

Mac Software:

Linux Software:
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Does Cooltrader sell software?
We are agents for AmiBroker and ProTA. Both of these programs are available for purchase online, but many people are still wary of using credit cards via the internet. We can process the payment using cheque or bank transfer and deliver the software to you either online or by normal post. There is usually no extra cost above the internet price.
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What is the best way to contact Cooltrader?
Generally the contact page is the easiest for most enquiries. We do not accept emails other than via the contact page due to spam issues. We can also be contacted either by phone or SMS on 0425746558 also by mail to:
Cooltrader Pty Ltd
PO Box 302
Nagambie Vic 3608
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How do I change my personal details?
Log in to your account using the Members link. At the bottom of the page you will see a link 'Your Profile'. This will take you to a update page so that you can change your personal details, email address and passwords. Please note: Only the Admin personell from Cooltrader P/L can change your username, email a request for this from the contact page.
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